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Aden Server Maintenance: May 25, 2022


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With this maintenance:

  • The Queen Ant’s Raid event will continue for 3 weeks!
  • The Giran Seals will be introduced!
    • Limited-Time crafting will start for 1 week!
  • The Golden Festival promotion will end!
  • The Anniversary Sale will end!
    • All 18th Anniversary Kits will be deleted.
  • Box of Vengeance promotion will end!
    • The Box of Vengeance will be deleted.
  • The L2 Pass Season 3 will end!
  • World Boss Reward Changes!
    • New item Boss Expedition Mark will drop from Bosses.
    • Craft rewards using the Boss Expedition Mark.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lethal Shot icon would not change in Transcendent Dungeon.
  • Updated information from the Lethal Shot – Legendary Skill tooltip.
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