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WTS +5 Greater Aries agathion (1,2 Trilion)

WTS +10 Limited heavy set (750Bilion)

WTS STAGE 2 Antharas Bow (7Trilion)

WTS STAGE 2 Lindvior Cutter (7 Trilion)

WTS 60 Dragon Claw (4,8 Trilion) (80B each, only sell all)

WTS Shilen 10 (2Trilion)

WTS LVL 7 patk,pskillpower,pskill crit dmg dye (200B patk, 250b pskill crit dmg, 300b skill power)

WTS Artifact HP +10 (500b)

WTS Dragon Ring +3 (750B)

WTS Artifact Damage Balance (11%) (1,2Trilion) pm ingame in chronos/forum/discord


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