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when will we see real changes and a more friendly environment to play with out ending up paying 100000 dollars to gear lvl up

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will there ever be an update for all this mats and items and whatever you need to improve in game for it to become available from farming  or pvp or raid or something natural in game with no money involves. there so many items to craft and upgrade and you cant craft or farm not even half of them in game and only by paying , and even paying more than half of equipment or mats cant find no where in game and just give them out with events that NCSOFT makes every few moths and of course you have to pay like you own millions and you can spend thousands every day in lineage just to get a cloak or whatever you need that they put in events  when will this all change to a more natural way of obtaining items by farming or any other natural way in game without paying thousands or hundred of dollars every months , the game will just die at one point no one will have money at the end and there will be no natural way in game of obtaining any items or mats already 80% of items or mats you have to pay to obtain so  what is NCSOFT doing taking all  this money from players and they just send you a event to obtain items and no other way to obtain them. of course except putting money, and this will just kill the game and the players pockets in time and at the end no one will have money to buy nothing. not so good the future of this game and not a environment to expand with new players and more people in game NCSOFT just doesn't  attract new players anymore can no one see this in the managing offices that's all this paying and no natural way obtaining items will kill the game at a point. that's a maintenance  and update  90% of server and community want. and dose all this comments and complaints are taken consider from NCSOFT or even listen to us i don't think so if they would listen to the community we would see changes so no changes made. so it proves one more time that is like we are talking to a stone wall nothing going through.

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