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Pet Soulshot Bugg (Wynn summoner)


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On 10/18/2018 at 11:32 PM, Juji said:


First of all, thx a lot for your concern.

Did some tests today and I found out that the bug is partially fixed.

Allow me to give some feedback if it might be of help.


1) When I log in and summon Pet_1, its SS gets activated. While, Pet_2 activates SS after Pet_1 attacks.

2) If I manually unsummon pets and resummon, pets SS still need to be reactivated manually to fix the original bug.

3) When only 1 pet dies (pet_1 or pet_2) the automatic use of SS works properly.

4) If both pets die, bug reappears. You need to reactivated SS manually.

Strangest thing was that pet_2 starts using SS after pet_1 begins to consume.





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I get this bug on my main but didn't discovered how.

Usually it help to unequip and equip again my weapon but most of times is to late to survive if I didn't check before attacking mobs..

It usually happen when I come to hunting area, enable fire stance and esence of mana toggle buttons, cast empowering echo, apply buffs - Emperors Desert set (magic) and use Rose necklace to spawn NPC to get rose buff.

After 30 min when I need rose buffs again don't have problems with shots anymore also after an hour with emperor no problem. Seem it happen only first time-

Sometimes I spawn pets like fenrir or hatchling but don't have shots problems.

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