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Unique Sigel Hell Knight "Pet Summon" UPDATE.

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Hello everybody on NCSOFT STAFF. 🖖

I want put in discussion the pet "Blood Panther" on Sigel Hell Knight, this one must be most stronger than now and this need a level maximum update like a wynn summoner pet or comparable.
To this Sigel Knight in old updates has removed us own cubic summon to do it on a pasive skill than this can be actived when hiting, but this Sigel need something better with us own summmon pet, in this case the "Blood Panther" 
Thanks a lot for everyone than read this post, and i hope thanwrite some commet about this post to upgrade this good and only "pet summon" from Sigel.

PD: Too can be do something with beast soulshot in another's classes. Thanks. 🙏

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