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Single dagger's dragon is useless ?


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note my english is not good so i will translate with google ^^
I play at Naia I have a Dagger lv111 I was expecting approximately 450B I was waiting for the +10 cloack that in the old cover event cost 150B now it costs more than 500B (no conditions, buying everything at Naia is super invoiced unfortunately!!), so i was looking at the prices and i found Lindvior daggers increasing 350 but it's unique currently I use a Dual Dagger +12 Bloody , with a 15% critical demarge argument of 5 Min , for sure my damage will finish the dagga +12 has 1214 of p.attack with + 37% of critical damage.... and Lidvidor's dagger already has 1814 and 30% only of critical demarge... what do the game's daggers think? is it worth switching? Will my damage increase a lot? the dual dagger of the dragon is the 735B I don't have conditions to buy it .... leave opinions who has thinks it's worth it or not?

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no worth playng dagers, i am 115  with kelbin duals, i do a tone of dps, i have dye and many hard stuff to boost may dmg, problem is that dagers need revamp completly, the were nurfed no   letal works, over hit land only  when  mobs playe is under 10% hp, and rest sucks , they fixed survability of dagers at farm by alllowing us to buy  sets from l2 store and make them plus 10 

that all they done : and  see dual dagers with sigil aded its a sht:))

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