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Server marge possibility?

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 Anyone who asks this questions is very dense.

You must have at least 2 servers for the game to maintain many of things it has going on.  There is no possibly of a merge lower than two servers so stop asking.

Why would anyone in their bonkers mind want a merge you know how horrible that makes it for everyone?  Name conflicts, clan name conflicts, castle ownership, clan halls being reset in an age of people having trillions of adena.  I do not enjoy the version of me losing a clan hall again not having a trillion adena to keep it.

The game is setup fro min of 2 servers needed to continue. End of story.  IF they was going to be a merge it be a merge with the game end so that is what your asking for when you comment like this.

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Merge servers?

I also raised that option until I realized that it is impossible since the game needs at least two servers

now they should put more servers I think ......... there are many who want to play alone that would give them a joy

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