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Element affecting damage

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On 7/1/2022 at 6:28 AM, Slycutter said:

There is a lot of that information on the L2 Discord run by players.  Too much to put in here.

To give more background, I just got on my Brooch a +50 Element augment.

Should I be happy with that, or do you think I should keep trying augmenting untill I got the +5% p.atk or the +5% p.skill power? (I'm DK, so p.atk and p.skill power should work pretty much the same on my char)

Thank you

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+50 attack or +50 def augment element?

Also most top brooch skills have a requirement to active the augment.  Like i have +40 attack on mine but you need an opal level 4 or higher make sure you meet the condition or the augment does not work.

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