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Make NCCoin an In-game Item (Or a solution to adena selling)


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Everyone knows, that people are 'selling' nccoin for adena, this ofc has the risk of scams, so why not take it a step further? make NCCoin an actual in-game item*, not sellable on the AH (So it doesn't become worthless on an open market), not sellable on private stores either, but tradeable between people.

You won't be able to stop this 'black market' trading stuff thats currently going on EVER, so why not enable it in a secure way that makes your customers actually feel apreciated?

That way people keep doing their own selling of the stuff via chat, and f2p characters are not ENTIRELY locked out of most content.

*If this is beyond you for some insane reason, make a new different item that you can 'trade' for NCcoins in a 1:1 capacity thats tradeable instead, same restrictions.

**Option 2 is to copy WoW and do the selling for adena yourselves, ergo NCcoin for adena and adena for NCcoin inside of the game. Prices will be determined by an internal algorithm and market, same as WoW. I'm getting tired of seeing ertheia bots on freya, and fake stores advertising adena sales everywhere.

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Yeah.  This seems to be the best compromise solution.  Make NCCoins an item that can be directly sold to the players that are looking for specific items on the store.  Which would not cause cause huge adena inflation because it would just be moving around existing stockpiles of adena that are already present.  The rate of exchange would be, (for the most part)  dictated by the direct cost of the NCCoins themselves.  That way, the rich donators stay rich for the most part, NC Soft continues the revenue stream.  And access to a reasonable amount of gear becomes available to those with the "will" to buy the coins.  I wish there was a solution to eliminate the bots and bring back drops and spoils...But, that doesnt look like it is in the cards.  So, this seems to be a decent compromise.

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