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A few questions from a H5 player


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Hi all, I returned to L2 a few days ago and I have a few questions about the game


1) What should I do with the augment soul crystals I am getting with my spoiler? I haven't found any npc that uses that item

2) How do I level a soul crystal? I remember in the old days it was with raids, but I am not sure now

3) How can I get Artifacts? (in a free way)

4) How can I farm Rune Stones?

5) Any secret to get Ether? It looks insane the amount of ether required vs what I am getting

6) How do you get augmentation stones in this chronicle?

7) I noticed that there are tons of weapons and armors besides the leviathan and Eternal. How does that work? How can I get them?
8 ) Is it worth to do artisan in this cronicle?
9) How can I "bless" something? Like a weapon or an armor?

10) Does the manor work? I have seen that it provides mats that no armor requires now
11) Is the MOM and BOM still a thing?

I have 2 Othell and one Iss level 107. Any advice or guide for newbies? I feel like the game is way richer than I get to understand with the lack of documentation 

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1) Blacksmith in any town will exchange the Augment Stone Crystal and adena for various augment stones. Select I want to augment an item and then Exchange Augment Stones and Spirit Stones.

2) I'm pretty sure the only way to level up a soul crystal is to compound 2 of the same level in hope they produce a higher lvl one. The rates for this are abismal so just nuy the lvl you need/can afford in AH

3) Boxes you obtain by hunting in fields of Crisis can drop Artifact Crystals, but this is so rare to fill in the complete book with lvl 1 artifacts will take you 6 years.

4) You can obtain rune stones in Tower if Insolence timed hunting zone, but as with everything else goo luck with that.

5) You can get maximum of 240 ether per day by killing mobs, 120 in open field and 120 in timed hunting zones. Ether is just a artificial limiting factor to prevent you from progressing. You can also get it from old crafting packs and similar stuff but finding those will be fun.

6) See answer 1)

7) There really are not. For armors you can follow the newbie quest line to get some basic gear. IF you want something better you can purchase an armor pack from L2 store and make it +10. Your other options are various remaining R grade armors which are not really interesting at all and the 2 craftable armor sets r99 and r110. For weapons its kind of the same thing, you can get some weapon from the quest line, buy the armor pack where you will get a coupon for a weapon, get one of the old R grade options or craft r99 or r110 weapons.

8 ) Its not, spoiling and crafting are not a thing any more really.

9) r99 you need to use blessing scrolls > you can craft them in the crafting menu; r110 you go to the blacksmith in any town and select I want to imbune... and then select r110 options weapon or armor. Important to note here is that to upgrade r99 armors / weapons to PvE/PvP you need to bless them (blessed armors can be enchanted then to have various stat tweaks) for r110 armors / weapons you enchant them but that is not the same as enchanting r99 armors. Enchanting in r110 armors / weapons is the equivalent of blessing the item.

10) Haven't used this but probably not.

11) Sure, you can find them in Giran and Aden where they used to spawn.


Actually the game is more complex but its questionable if its richer. Your main activities will be doing your daily farms, the ones you can with your gear lvl, and just setting auto hunting in a zone where you can kill. Othell seems like an ok-ish choice for gear limited players but you will never get invited into parties with it. So be ready to solo all the way.

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