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i'd like to start playing as sayha seer need a bit of info

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Hello everyone,like my title says i'd like to start playing sayha seer, but i haven't found any info or guides about the class and that makes me think that the class isn't even wannable from other players.
So i''d like some info about the class if it's good for pvp/pve(i know that for mass pve it sucks) but generally, and what kind of priority i need to give in terms of items and basicly any advice and info is welcoming. thanks!

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You can check out this thread - it tells you a bit about how NOT to play it and also gives a bit of advice on what to do. Though keep in mind, the player in the video has expensive gear which is close to impossible to obtain for a regular player who thinks that 15-20 euro a month is a reasonable expense on a 14-year old game ;) 

Overall, it's fun for me to play sayha in oly, you can get some nice wins even against people with better gear than yours, but other than that, it was a nightmare to level it to 100 for the exalted quest-line (normally I use its dualclass which is an ISS). Sayhas are not very welcome in parties and they tend to die a lot if u plan to set up afk macros ;) 

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Sayha is too much sign dependent.

It mean you have skills on disposition only 30% of time ( what is chance rate to get sign)

Is not like hack and slash relaxing class but you get tried fast clicking on skills witch don't work as not a viable until you get sign witch will be deleted with next shoot.

But if you like to be very courageous and use her heroic hide skill then maybe sayha can be right fun for you.

Also her alchemy is total mess and very expensive to learn and some of products are literally not usable like xp/sp runes then  potions witch are bound and not sellable and final top products crafting chance is impossible low and allowed only 1 try per day.

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