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Homunculus second stage

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Just a quick question? If anyone can answer this But, when do you think they will update the homunculus so we can start leveling the second and third stages (attack and defense)? just curious as I now have a level 5 one and it's at 99.96% to 100%

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Game Client is used by 3 different types of L2 games (Lineage II, Classic, Aden)

Second and third stages are available on Aden version of game, where you can summon the homunculus to assist you, there the attack deffense options have sense

In Lineage II version of L2 (Chronos and Naia) homunculus just give temporary boost buffs so i think NCSoft won't enable the attack and deffense part of the homunculus to us (Chronos and Naia)

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On 8/17/2022 at 2:16 AM, B0MZE said:

About what Homunculus your are speaking at Aden?? :D 

If not in Aden then sommonable homunculus are on Classic, you got the idea off "not in original server". The point is in original Lineage II servers probably they won't develop what was asked in the post.

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