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Augment system need a change

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We have a more and more items that need augmenting... and for DDs it is straightforward as they just go for a damage boost which is fine (as usual for #NCFail making everything only for DDs in this game)... but for supports (lets take tanks as an example) P Def,  Critical damage reduction, etc. is needed. However, all support classes (if they have brains) also make dual class DD to farm adena in PI, IOS, etc. So, for dual they need an increase damage augmentation. And this puts supports in unfavorable position vs DD (on top of everything else) as to have two different sets of augments they need two dragon shirts, books, circlets, brooches, jewelry, armor, etc. 

The way to solve it would be to make two augments possible on each of the items which can be selected, so a tank can be a tank when needed for PvP or high level party XP location .... and a DD when he goes on farm.

Maybe it is addressed already on Korean servers... but would be good to have it on Naia / Cronos as well.



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