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Help changing camera speed ONLY

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Hey guys, I run the game on a 4k monitor using 1080p in game resolution, the mouse speed for targeting and UI is perfect, but when holding right click to rotate the camera the speed is insane, as if it was multiplied by one thousand. I really want to play, I feel like I'm hooked again, but this camera thing makes it impossible.
Messing with the .ini files isn't a thing I suppose, does anyone know a fix to this?

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4 hours ago, Pernambuquinho said:

Change DPI in your mouse.

Thanks for the response, but you don't understand my problem, if I do that, then I cannot target a single thing as the cursor would move terribly slow. I have a huge disparity in speed between the cursor and the camera speed.
I've located the setting in user.ini that controls this, but apparently I cannot modify it.

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