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I'm back after 2 years Offline needs tips


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Hi after 2 years off i want to restart and i got some question ,  i have my character on Chronos and he is lvl 99 i was wondering what the current way to xp solo and making adena solo,  also why there's barely no gears in the auction house to buy.. did something Happend to the market,  everything  is over  7 billion how i can purshase such items?


thanks and sorry for the poor english  i'm not!


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If u can play 24/7 i suggest u to create a New character. Why? Because when u create a New Toon u Will have free Vitality Rune for 7 days. With this u can reach lv 105+ with this Rune in 7 days. 

Ur First step to level now is

Level 0 - 85 u do quests easy level

85-95 altar of evil at Dark elf Village Teleport menu

95-99 or 100 level at Blood swampland

So to have level 100 is super easy now maybe 2 or 3 hours

Remember to take quests at Lionel Hunter NPC (Heine) this quests give u some items

Now level 100 u can level: 

- Castilla instance solo at NPC Karina in Aden Village do It everyday for exp and boosts XP

- Coal mines 1 hour day instance u can Go with Party there tô maximize ur Hunt. This is ur best exp level 100-105

- Solo Hunt level u Go to War Torn Plains or Blazing swampland tp from Aden. Here check ur class because war torn plains have penalty to ranges and daggers if Im not wrong about daggers. So u have poor damage here with archer, feoh, healer, ranged pet sumoner. So if u are ranged Go to Blazing swampland.  


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