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Server Uninitiated Player Disconnects During Olympiad

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  Over the passed two weeks while participating in the Olympiad on Chronos, I experienced uninitiated server disconnections and lost 100 Olympiad points.  My internet did not lose connectivity, rather the game server ‘booted’ my game client.  All who have participated in the Lineage 2 Olympiad have, at some point, experienced this; it is a source of player base frustration because the players did not ‘initiate’ a logout and yet are still penalized by point reduction (a significant amount… 50 points for each ‘server disconnect’).  After submitting a support ticket to inquire, the response for not reconciling point reduction was ‘player initiated logout’ and ‘lack of tools’ to remedy the condition.  My request to developers is to review the server disconnection of players vs ‘player initiated logouts’  during Olympiad and either adjust the rules or determine why and fix the game server to prevent players from being ‘booted off’.  Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


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