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Fishing Bait test :)


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i love fishing really i have like 1.1m ugly fish right now :D and mostly buy 3k r99 bait and was get around 240-265 powerful fish, mostly get a little profit with elcyum powder.
Othell 102 + Fancy Rod
R99 Bait 200
Ugly Fish=128 (Exp=80,758,638+26,919,546 | SP=40,378+13,459)
Nimble Fish=28(Exp=98,744,359+32,914,786 | Sp=49,371+16,457)
Powerful Fish=0
Reddish Box=4 (Exp=342,476,451+114,158,817 | SP=171,237 +57,079)
Total=160 Success and 40 fail (Exp=14,471,853,520 SP 9,647,584)
200 Bait= 4,800,000-2,048,000(Ugly)-952,000(Nimble)= so the lose on 200 bait its 1m so in 100 bait its 500k and for 1k bait that 1 days its 5m lose in a day

R102 Bait 200
Ugly Fish=112 (Exp=138,808,830+46,269,610  | SP=69,403+23,134 )
Nimble Fish=36 (Exp=169,624,627+56,541,542 | Sp=84,811+28,270)
Powerful Fish=4 (Exp=185,052,202+61,684,067 |SP=92,526+30,842)
Reddish Box=5 (Exp=586,641,460+195,547,153 | SP=293,320+97,773)
Total=157 success so 43 fail (Exp=25,326,491,640 SP=16,883,997)
200 Bait=6,000,000-1,792,000(ugly)+1,224,000(nimble)+4,350,000(powerful fish(3 elcyum powder))=1,3m profit so in 1 day that 13m profit, so for 10k bait we will get 40m profit without Reddish Box and almost double exp will get compare to r99 bait.

Will come back after 3 day (10k bait) for compare the rate what i get in 10k bait that 300m

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39 minutes ago, Argus said:

interesting to see, keep up the good work

any other fisherman did a test with the new baits? :D 

after test result was think i make a new 1 for r bait as well to compare the exp difference between r and r99.
Sadly my othell its 102 so cant test r105 bait atm :D
I hope some1 help us for see the diff on 105 lvl in each bait.
i feel between r102 and r105 bait will be double exp just like in r99 and r102.

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6 minutes ago, KissMyKnife said:

i just look price on naia, 1 elcyum powder its 1.45m

Oh is it market price or npc price? If market, do you know the reason behind the increase? It was 1.1 in AH few days ago.



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18 hours ago, KissMyKnife said:

i love fishing really i have like 1.1m ugly fish right now :D 

I loved it too, now little less because of drastic changes.

Corroded bait you can sell to npc at price 1500 adena each.

Price for bait in town of 0% taxes was 3600 adena and now after nerf is 4800 adena for each.

*there is no any reason to make old baits corroded except because new price.

If it give more or less xp does not matter as xp for all chars passed lvl 100 is so small that is insignificant.

With that bait you cant get powerful fish but you could get fish stew for personal use and for sale.

Buff from fish stew lasted before nerf 30 min and now after nerf last only 10 min so for me (PVE) lost usefulness.

Same for special stew you get from Santiago where you exchanged normal stew + additional 40 nimble fish (magic spice) for one  for example chill INT stew or similar.

Now also from Santiago ones last only 10 min, so useless and also hard sellable except if under price.

Fishing have lost its magic for a long time already, now will be good only in case when you cant actively play and you still want to provide clan reputation points.

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So... I was in LoC tonight and today, Necro 105 + ISS duo, on macro without shots, around 20 hours in total (+-1h, can't remember exactly) and got 78M of pure adena and 97M in lvl2/3/4 mats (grocery price). 175M pure profit. It feels exceptionally rewarding. :D

Fishing doesn't make sense, especially adena-wise. You must be extremely lazy to exp that way.

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