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M.Skill Crit Rate is broken


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I tested M.Skill Crit rate on  my Seer, which is SUPPOSED to have a HIGHER M.skill crit rate that other Magic user classes per the ingame description. I have included a screenshot of the the spreadsheet which shows a 32% crit rate without over enchanting the skill for crit rate. I then changed the skill to Savagery which is SUPPOSED to increase crit rate by 20%. As you can see.. it did not, the crit rate actually was nearly identical. I then used the skill wind storm eye, which SHOULD increase the M.Skill Crit rate by +100. As you can also see from the testing, it actually decreased. And to finish off the testing, I did one more batch of 100, same mob, same buffs, same OE skill for savagery +20% MSkill crit rate, and it actually declined to 24%. 

The M.Skill Crit rate for Seers is obviously NOT working as intended, the M.Skill crit rate in the stats section shows 550 which is a 55% base skill crit rate, Even with OE for savagery which should add 20% AND another +100 so M.Skill crit rate from the active skill, the M.Skill crit rate is STILL below 30%. 

With Savagery, my equipment and the active skill "Wind Storm Eye" I should have an M.Skill Crit rate of 76% when in skills (55% +20% of that (11% increase, +10% for the active skill) However, as you can plainly see after using a sample size of 400, that is not the case.

Please investigate and correct this obvious imbalance as all magic users in the game suffer from the same imbalance. All Melee characters have a MUCH higher cap, have MUCH MUCH higher Hitpoints, and have MUCH higher pdef/mdef. The last patch was supposed to increase the mages crit rate, it is however still hovering at 30% WELL below the other classes. If Mages crit damage was significantly higher than other classes I could possibly see the lower crit rate, but mages damage is also severely lacking. 


This is a SUPER easy fix, it shouldn't take 4 years, or 6 mo. Simply increase the M.Skill crit rate to be on par with other classes. 


Attempts Rugular OE for Savagery +20% Skill Crit rate   Wind Storm Eye +100 to Mskill Crit Rate   Regular      
10 1 4   3   1      
10 4 2   5   2      
10 3 1   4   3      
10 4 6   1   2      
10 4 1   2   1      
10 2 4   1   3      
10 3 3   2   1      
10 3 2   3   4      
10 5 4   4   3      
10 3 4   3   4      
100 32 31   28   24   115 %28.75


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