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Are you trying to kill off Nadia server too ?


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Lol I got to laugh cause I have seen 3 or 4 servers die here with each major update.

Who is in charge of the updates cause after 4 servers going dead this idiot is still allowed to be killing off servers with his stupid updates.

You would think that after killing off 4 servers you would sit back and think Woooo maybe I should be very careful about making major changes with updates because we have lost 4 servers because of my previous updates.

Are you trying to kill off Nadia next ? seriously with every major update you are doing you are driving people away till its dead like the rest.

I cant believe what I have seen since Bartz first appeared on your servers and whoever started making major changes to that killed it dead , then he went on to kill the others and your still allowing this twit to do the same to the only 2 servers you have left ? are you trying to kill this game completely ? no more L2 ? seems like it ! 

also you allowed some imposter to take my name , with the transfer , thanks / great / anything else ?

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