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Automation with soultakers.


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Hi guys I was thinking about  the  auto playing system we use. I noticed awhile back damage our summon takes was raised, I wasn't happy about that. I appreciated the somewhat quick  sacrificial soul skill fix. With the new update I'm wondering if we can't get a summon to heal it's self? I mean i use self balance heal and it's not usually a problem, but I can't enjoy the benefit of wearing newer bracelets if I choose to heal myself. I can add the summon into my macros but depending on where I am, My summon will die or unsummon before I killed the mobs and I die. Maybe have HP limit on sacrificial soul like tyrrs guts use to work? not sure anymore but it used to only activate when HP fell under a determined number.  anyway if summons HP reaches say 2000 maybe sacrificial soul skill can activate and would be more efficient when a summon is put in the macro box. Any soultakers thoughts?

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