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I have raised a 103 level Improved Baby Kookaburra but it hasnt got any skills.. I cant evovle it anymore and ive seen other that have buffs but mine doesnt. Is it because the update?? Not serius thread but i spent time leveling this pet..

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Try summoning your Kookaburra when you yourself are completely unbuffed. The bird should give you pre-Awakening buffs like Blessed Body, Blessed Soul etc.

Iss buffs overwrite the Kookaburra buffs though, and if you are already buffed, the bird will see no need to buff you. It should recharge your MP when you get low, but with a smaller amount than a Shillien Saint. If I remember correctly, my lvl 103 Kookaburra once even attempted an emergency heal. It was too little too late :D

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