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I can not put Dyes on my Eva's Templar


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Good evening

I had already put a dyes of CON +5 that of +5 CON + 25 Dark Resistance. However, today I bought 10 Dyes equal to this one and I can not put in my Sigel Eva's Templar, her name is Murkan and the server is Naia. I talked to a friend and he got into his character. He gave me an idea of repairing the game, and I put it to repair it, downloaded a 5.7 MB file, and even then, I can not get dyes. Just a note, I only have one Dye placed, which is the same: +5 CON +25 Dark Resistance, I have 2 more slots left, and even then it will not, I've been in all NPCs, I hope a solution, adena this hard to find, I do not want to get in the way...


OBS:Good evening. Well, I discovered what the problem was, after the update, the confirmation bar was well hidden on the screen, so I had not noticed, because when it appeared, it appeared well in the corner of the screen, hidden, only appearing a small tip of the square where it is the option to confirm, then when I saw that every time I clicked and clicked again, a little dot of the confirmation comic appeared, and I made adjustment until I was able to get the confirmation bar and put it in the middle of the screen. .. But thanks for everything.

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That's good to know, thanks.

Just a suggestion for any future issues you may have, if you report something and only say "I cannot do something" then it does not really explain anything. It's like saying 'I can't print' - but what exactly happens, step by step? is there any error message and if yes what does it say etc? A print screen is always helpful as well.

If you want people to get involved, be more specific. I personally ignore the threads where the description is vague :)

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