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Range classes don't pick up drops


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I think same thing happening on AI through Fioren's Crystal Prison.  Funny thing is, I didn't notice any drops, but some random toon was there, DE in shadow, periodically moving from spot to spot within mob circle.  It seemed like they were picking something up, but I didn't see them move and didn't see the item.  I don't have any lag, so it wasn't that.  I could see no other reason for a random toon to bounce around in the small circle I was hunting in a appearing to be wasting time.  Toon never responded to my pms even though it was moving around.  Not walking normally, just popping from spot to spot with no movement.  Glitch or 3rd party program?  If nothing drops there, what were they doing?  Dumb to waste instance time like that, so figured there must be a reason I'm not aware of.  Could it be a residual image of the person there before me, for one hour?  Weird.

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On 10/22/2022 at 8:59 AM, Arkidis said:

@Hermes @Wissp 

Range classes like yul/feoh while AFK farming on PI (Jamoas Camp) they don't auto pick up the augment stone boxes and most of those boxes stay on the ground.

Please fix it.

Auto-pickup works now in 115 area of Jamoas Camp (Blazing Swamp). 

It's not working in 115 area of Fioren's  Crystal Prison.  That's why the scabs on hanging around in  Alligator Island.  To pickup the drops that are not being auto-pickup there.  Please fix this too.

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