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LF 2 DD's // 1 Tank for CP - Nemesis Clan


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We need active players 103+ with good gear ( LF 2 DD's ) - English/Russian/Bulgarian language, TeamSpeak++

1 Feoh // 2nd DD can be Evis//Othell/Tyrr … 

Bloody/Dark +8+10 set

Bloody/Dark +12 weapon 2/3 SA

Abundance lvl 1 + // Longing or Insanity // Seven Signs 

Brooch jewels  lvl 3/4

Descent Epics - Blessed Valaks/Antharas /Tauti Ring/Trasken/Ruler Ring

Monkey Belt // Cloak +10++ // Noble Circlet

Mostly PVE, for some PVP we have fun during the Castle Siege

PM here or Naia server "Argus

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