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Bugged quest


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Since nc soft cant help me  i need an answer from u peeps :

GM Sylvia (Lineage 2)

Aug 29, 01:27 PDT

Hello there, 

Please try the following to repair your game installation. It is possible that some files are missing, and the repair process may help the issue.
  1. Open the Lineage II Launcher

  2. At the bottom left corner of the launcher there is a button named 'File Repair'. Click this button.

Allow the repair process to complete and then try the quest again using your main class when talking to Leona Blackbird. 

If issue persist, please let us know. 

So I did what they told me to  but still Saviour quests even tho i made  the 1st prerequisite q  even finished the 5 helios instances it doesn't allow me  to go further..... any1 can help? 

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