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Eviscerator Top Setup and Break points


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Hello all, I noticed a lot of information scattered around in regards to Evis and I'd like to gather it all up and also talk about break points.

To kick it off, we shall start at basics and then move on to the more elitist questions that matter.

Any help is welcomed and I will try to upgrade this list for future reference.


This build is focused primarily as PVE content.


Armor Set:

R110 light: What elements do you prefer? And what augments?

Do you use a Sigil as well?



What type of element do you prefer, and which are the "go to" soul crystals?

Ideal augment?



Elmore cloak, ideal augments?


Jewel Set:

Ruby 5, Red Cat Eye 5, and then?



Which are your preferred:





Dual Skills: 


Ability Points:







The rest points:


Last but not least, what would be the priority in terms of P.Atk, P.Atk Crit DMG, Element Atk ?

Is there any break point of which no more element or p.crit Dmg further benefits the pve content?


Thank you for your time and as I said, I will try to improve this guide, adding information for us to discuss and argue.


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If it's not much of a trouble, I am looking for more than just that, as I am trying to compile a comprehensive guide.


Fighter: 1/2/3

Protection: 1/2/3

Support: 1/2/3



What would be your full choice of artifacts?

thanks in advance!


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Hi Guys,
Bearing in mind the following Skill Info:

For 60 seconds, distorts space to attack from behind ... etc etc..

Do you think that this Collection: Head Warrior Collection ( 3.5% Rear Damage )

Will work on Eviscerators?

Thanks in advance.

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