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76+ HELP


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Hello dear friends i decided to start playing classic again and i would like to know some things.

  • Good Areas to farm adena xp.
  • Gear to focus on for my main class (StormScreamer)
  • Is it worth playing l2 classic or all that left are bots?
  • Are there active players and clans?
  • Can a  player start playing solo(because of work i can only play on weekends)

My pt is Stormscreamer lvl 78 Shillien Saint lvl 76 Spectral dancer lvl 76 Doomcryer lvl 76.

  1. My gear is:
  2. Armor: Blue Wolf Tunic robe set +0 
  3. Weapon:Soes +3
  4.  Jewelry: Black Ore  set


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