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Guard Agathion's Charm


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I've tried a few times - no luck.  Knowing NCSoft, it's well below 5-10% success rate (at least between 55-60 LUC).  Been playing L2 off-and-on since May 2004 - not surprising.  It costs a ton to get all to +3, and try for +4.  As usually for NCSoft - cost benefit analysis says this is a huge waste of funds, unless you have lots of funds to waste.

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Here's the link that Draecke posted earlier (thanks Draecke - oh oracle of L2).  I checked it out - good info here: 

https://l2wiki.com/Guard_Agathion_Charms#Tersi's Guard Agathion Charm


Basically - going fro +3 to +4 (very low chance - and your new Guard Agathion disappears completely - Poof!, gone) your P Def goes from +445 to +523, and you get +2% Fixed damage resistance.

Not worth it (since you could lose billions, with very low success rate) going +3 to +4.  Plus - you need the Left Seed bracelet (700 - 800k), and have to switch back-and-forth between all your other Agathions (on your Right Seed bracelet) - it's pretty easy to do, but kind of a waste - if you used the Heal (balance), and other heal Agathions to help your party like I do.

Again - huge wast of funds, with little success, going +3 to +4 (and probably not worth it, in the first place - if you used the Right bracelet Agathions a lot like I do), unless you have a lotta funds to waste (and good luck).  Actually - for elite players, if you could - by some miracle (and a ton of adena) get up up +7 to +10 on them, it might be worth it - again if you had a ton of adena laying around.

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Yes.  It is 100% safe to go to +3.  And the bonus do go up from +0 to +3. 

Actually, for base P Def., the +445 P Def (at +3) is almost a 4% boost for me (which really is not bad for this game) - and it's very safe (though it does cost about 834 Mil adena to get to +0 (The Guard Agathion Fragments cost about as low as 80 Mil each in the Auction House now - you need 10 to get to +0, and then also 23 Elcyum Powder, at about 1.5 Mil each = 34 Mil). 

Each additional +1 costs another 184 Mil (2 parts to this):  (1) 2 of the Agathion fragments (2 x 80 Mil = 160 Mil each) - - or you can get them from different quests now, and 4 of the "Angel's Breath" (5,850,000 Adena each) that you buy from the Merchant of Mammon (you have to find him).  So, for each +1 - costs about 184 Mil (160 Mil + 23.4 Mil).  You can also get the Guard Agathon Fragments (sell btw 80 - 100 Mil in Auction House) from quests now - just takes some time.

The only thing you need from the Merchant of Mammon (the guy / group you have to search for - they move from town to town), is the "Angels Breath" for going between +1 to +whatever).  You also might be able to buy the Angels Breath in stores/Auction House.

Everything else (the three different types of Agathion Charms for different armor sets, and Agathion Scrolls of Growth) you get from the Black Marketeer of Mammon in every town (you can also buy some of the Agathion Charms in the Auction House now too - probably in shops as well).

When you get the Scrolls of Grown for augmenting +1 to whatever - you probably want to get the regular Scrolls of Growth - they're a lot cheaper - but just give a +1 (safely up to +3, probably like 10% or less chance after that).  You can get the other version (can't remember the name) - they randomly give a +1 to +3, but I'm not sure how safe they are above +3???  (so - not sure if you're at +2, and try the other scroll of growth - that costs like 10 times as much - and you get +2....going up to +4.....that you could end up blowing them up????)

Since Lineage 2 is all about lots of little differences making a big difference - this might be worth it.  And it's relatively safe and easy to do (even for me), though still a little expensive.

I've done this twice so far - very easy to go +3.  I tried once to go to +4 (and won't do that again - because you lose everything).  It is really easy to switch back on forth from Left to Right Bracelet agathions on your short-cut bar.   Also - the lower your base P Def is - the bigger percent increase this will give you.

Going above +3 is very risky, and can be very costly.  Not worth it for the average players like me - but might be for high-end players, going for top 5-10% on the server (though you have to have the funds, and be willing to take the risks).

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It's completely gone/disappears.  You get nothing if it breaks - all gone.  :(

It's 100% success going from +0 to +3.  After that, you risk losing everything.  I'm not sure if LUC affects success rate (I have 60 LUC - 65 with Maphir's)?  Typically, with most NCSoft things like this - seems it 5-10%, maybe less.

Going to +3 (gaurantee a +445 P. Def) is 100% safe.  Above that - huge risk (but some pretty substantial benefits at higher levels).

I'm also guessing that the new Guard Agathions will be expanded in the future - so may be a bit of a long-term investment for the future?  Who knows?  If something significant is added later - prices could go up as well (which means you may be able to sell this for a higher profit?).  Hard to tell what they're thinking sometimes.

For right now - know that if you go above +3, you risk losing it all (and probably a fairly high probably that will happen - depending if LUC makes a difference?)


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