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Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!

Lineage II Community Feedback Poll!  

303 members have voted

  1. 1. Where do you like spending most of your time?

    • Special Hunting Zones
    • World Hunting Zones
    • Field Hunting Zones
    • Olympiad
    • Castle Siege
    • Boss Raids
    • Events
    • Missions and Quests
    • Dungeons
  2. 2. What is your best wish for Lineage II in 2023

    • Shorter Content Update Cycles
    • More/Improved Events
    • More/Improved Promotions
    • Balance Improvements
    • Server and Performance Improvements
  3. 3. PvP or PvE?

    • Player vs. Player (PvP)
    • Player vs. Environment (PvE)

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@Hime @Wissp @Hermes


Why when I ask for help I am blocked and not helped?

Why if you ask something the moderators don't like, they block it? If it wasn't offensive why don't they answer questions instead of blocking?

l2 game for years I spend money on events and when we have a problem they can't help? Why is it so difficult to answer a chat?

I can't even create a topic anymore? Why are you wanting to remove players from the game one at a time?

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After the poll is made, you're selling a Doll for 400$ at Classic server. That's a level 1 doll costs 1,3B (around 100$). And more, you're offering 85$ for 10% crafting an imprint item.

Very nice poll and result.

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Aden version is best thing that has happened to lineage 2, you can automate that damn boring grind! My only problem was always - im too casual and PvP players always kill me when im afk so my motivation to log in dropped lower and lower until I quit even after spending a lot of time and money. Now , FINALLY, when there is an option to play PVE and nobody can kill me and bully me most time of the week i have a reaon to try again and make my casual clan again! 

WE dont need to beg top clans any more " please dont pk us we are harmless bla bla bla" we can just play and chill.

Giving PvE players environment where we can casually play is best decision NSCOFT has made in long time.

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So how many of the top 5 have been addressed since making this poll? Let's count... 

1..... oh no.. wait.. nope, not even ONE.. not ONE thing has been addressed, just as we all said it wouldn't be addressed at the very beginning of the poll.

It can't really be considered a failure if you never even try. 


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