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it's clear to any player that the game is not going well, it's not so cool to play lineage 2 now, because of all the problems you know.

Why don't they have items like weapons, clothes and jewels selling in the l2 store soon? Honestly it's impossible for a new player to get a simple longing talisman and p2w is a reality, because how would he do it within the game?

They don't have to be the best items obviously, and the values can be average as well. So I'm trying to give an idea to improve the game for newbies. As such it was very frustrating that you only have a 10% chance on a talisman which is not a big deal or only 30% to enchant an item to +5

I know a lot of people here think that way.

Give people a reason to enjoy playing again A team with an exalted weapon taking an hour to do baylor/kama and IT is a shame you guys give them that weapon

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