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Please revise Classic sale and promotion.


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Hello L2 Team,

Recent sales and promotions are not appropriate for state of Classic Servers.

Love Strongbox Crafting for example, Classic only have Special Armor crafting promotion with very high price: 177 Boxes for 10% chance, and the reward is only Imprint items.

Ice Lord's Seal Crafting is only have Glakias Doll, that item is like 1% of players need it, with the price like 100$ for 20% chance.

We don't need a Glakias doll only or Imprint items with expensive price, we need use-able items with acceptable price. Sale team has the sale data, please take a look on it you will see no one doing that crafting promotion.


I really love Classic L2, but I believe the servers state will be better if Sale team can making more accurate promotion and sale, in term of price, reward and number of promotion.

Thank you. @Hermes @Primali @Wissp

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