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Enough of Fallacy


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About 5 days ago I wanted to help the server to have new people playing, because as much as I try, I have a love for this damn game. So I went after people who played here with me a few years ago and got at least 20 people back to play, I put my word of honor in the game saying that it was better, less bugs and the main one without the infamous bot!

Here they called me and said, "This is better here, you can only be playing with us" that sadness I saw, there was no way to do the damn mission, all at level 56 struggling to get at least one mission item against several and several bots, dislocated and left laughing at my face, after this shame I will no longer try to bring the player.

Actually I do not understand many things, like the ads for a Game Guard replacement that I thought was already running, but I see that there is some form of will that runs out, because the char with the links on the adena sales sites is in Everywhere, even pirate servers have gm's to ban the bots and they earn less with such donations than they do here in the official one and we see dozens and dozens of bots here everywhere.

The time has come for all who can not play with bots and adenas being sold create shame on the face and leave the server alone with the children with bright char and adena sellers, it will be beautiful all sitting in Aden without what to do and adenos sellers with thousands and thousands of adenas playing with writing and drawing with them on the floor of Aden

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Problems are much deeper then 'bots' at lvl 56. Recently I  lvl up a toon to 85...deh, the need for mentee coins, I had no problem of doing that.
Fyi in very lazy mode: 1-85 >2 days, 85-90>2 days, 90-95>4 days, 95-99>10 days.
Your problems start at 99, coz you dont have gear and you are kinda left behind with lvl progression compared to majority of server players.
Usually in lazy mode with little help from friends: 99-100>10 days, 100-101>12 days, 101-102>15 days, 102-103> 25 days, 103-104>30 days, 104-105>45 days.
But you need gear...and gear is not available (its not even available in NcStore) for new comers....thats the real problem B|.


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