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Greater Rune Stones

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On 4/4/2023 at 12:40 AM, Connex said:

what Im about to say, has been mentioned countless times.

a) for the past 19 years, no player request or suggestion has been implemented on the game, especially a forum request.
b) this is not the first time they are adding skills that you cannot learn right away.
c) although this was not directed towards me, there are plenty of things that need to change but the game is fine, needs some changes but look back at "a".
d) the skills are not make or break a class, they are good to have but if you had gear before the update then you will learn them eventually, unless you are a FS that you get aoe stab.
e) L2 has ALWAYS been a game where you need patience, use your logic for a second, even if this does not always apply to the game. They added an update a month before the 19th anniversary. ( I think/hope/have a gut feeling, call it whatever you want) that they will add GRS either through an event or last reward in monthy pass. FFS wait for a month before complaining.
f) last but not least, they have given us a way to get so much stats, relatively cheap, no p2w no nothing and instead of focusing on getting the first 3 levels of DT stats you are so obsessed about learning a skill. I really think people want to complain rather than figure out a way to enjoy the game.

Yes the game has many flaws, they do not look ater the players, it is what it is and we cannot change it, all you can do, if you want is to change your PoV.

Like what I just said, think of what they added,  can benefit from it? if yes, then its ok, otherwise move on to the next best thing. it is really simple as that.

I really think that building your DT stats is more important than 1 skill. 

You're not wrong, however another post pointed the fact out that half the fun of red libra is being able to try out new classes, doing things you haven't done before. With damn near zero GS on the server it makes trying out the new skill impossible, which takes away from the fun of red libra. 

Concerning your post, just because they have chose to ignore us and treat the player base like garbage for 19 years, doesn't mean we should just all collectively throw our hands up in the air and stop trying. The way this company chooses to ignore it player base, cheat them out of money and items isn't right and trying to say its "ok" simply because they've always done it, also isn't right. I'd also like to point out, in the past when we have ALL made a huge stink about things... they have made changes.. maybe not exactly what we want, but they have.   

The state of the game, is not ok. This game was amazing 15 years ago, what they have done to this game is an absolute shame. I can guarantee you, if they rolled this game back 15 years or so, and started a new server, the rest of these garbage server would die in a month. NC Soft has taken the fun out of gaming, and telling people to give up on it doesn't help anyone except the casino pit boss in charge and NC Soft West. 

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