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Happy little mistakes

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Mistakes observed from me and many others:

1. Not telling us about the modification of the monsters in TOI. These modifications include but not limited to: increase in damage, increase in spawn time (less mobs to kill, slower spawn rate).

2. Implementing new items that are imprint only. In example: Dragon egg agathion, etc.

3. Glitched out hunting zones such as Devotion necro. 

4. Item and stat modifications: Life control tower scrolls of blessings going from 0 weight to 30. I log in and 100% over encumbered and had issues getting items back after mailing it away in order to move in game, but then only being able to retrieve it with the help of a GM. Gems such as Aquamarine lvl 4 use to give 136 mana back 9% chance, but after update only has a chance to give back 30.  Prior to the update, without elixir/fruit, I was max crit, and attack speed with certain buffs. Prior to the update I had high p.def, m.def, p.atk.....all stats got reduced. I am sure there are many other happy little mistakes included in this update and people are desensitized by previous updates that have left them with a bitter taste for the game.

The main issue is "transparency," the lack of communication between admin and the players. Giran and Talking Island are "Classic Lineage 2 servers," not essence, not Aden, not Live, this is Classic Lineage 2. 

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Hi @Hermes. I agree with everything @DidAllCould said but would like to add a few things that I know people are upset by and actively complaining about. 

1. What happened to being able to enable damage, exp, etc (system messages) to one of our chat boxes (see screenshot). Almost every single person that I have talked to is frustrated by this due to the on screen "Damage Text" not being ideal as it's laggy and goes away very quickly. 


2. Nerfing items unannounced and unnecessarily. One example Aquamarine Lvl 4 now gives 30 MP when it used to give ~120 MP which is a HUGE nerf. I and many others worked very hard to level these gems and this change has basically made some mages unable to farm as the mana return is not sufficient enough. I would really like to know the purpose of such a nerf for an item that we've already paid real life money to get (loot boxes). Very very frustrating.

3. Auto return to village in normal hunting zones after death. This is honestly changing one of the last things in this Classic server that is actually classic. Now all my toons will be moved back to town dead and I will have to use My Teleport Scrolls to get back to farming (see next point).

4. Why were "My Teleport Scrolls" and "My Teleport Book(s)" removed from the L2 Store? From what I can tell we have no tradeable scrolls now and you have literally increased the price of these scrolls 800% and added a HUGE inconvenience to your player base. This seems to go hand in hand with the "auto return to village" so we're forced to buy more Teleport Scrolls to set back up farming.


  1. One of my buffers needs a Teleport Scroll
  2. I am forced to buy my buffer a 1,000 L2 Coin pack for 250 NCoin for only 50 scrolls (before I could spend $1.00 and get enough non-imprint to last)
  3. Repeat for all my buffers (regularly due to auto return to village)

This removed a way for us to pay a small fee for a small quality of life improvement, instead it seems like we're being gouged.


I know some of these are duplicates from the other thread, but anyone in customer service knows that if 3-4 people are complaining about the same thing then there is likely 100's more not happy, and something needs to be done about it. 

I hope the GM's can address some of these issues and I appreciate your time reading my post @Hermes.

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No I'm not happy.

Every players on Classic Servers knows the sale prices on Classic is 4x expensive compare to Aden servers (80NCoin for a box vs 80LCoin on Aden, not just boxes but everything including craft events, store items, etc...), so why we can fight with same mobs just like the Aden servers?

Even if we are Oke with that, we need transparent about the changes. You guys at NC Soft nerf items that ppls paying money to buy, buff the mobs stats, but important, YOU DON'T SAYS A WORD about that changes.

I'm not sure about the stats of characters or items but I see differences with my stats now, way weaker than before update but I don't know what actual changes are made?

Could you please give us a REAL "Patch Notes" please? @Hermes

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This update is complete BS and a scam, seems to me you guys want to end the server with bs like this, no one asked for this bs update. Everything sucks. How many more players do you wanna make quit? Every update you do get worse and worse. COMPLETE BS !!!

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Always fail to impress players whenever a new patch was released. Great job!

First update = nerfed the SOULSHOTS _melee

Second update = nerfed the Adena gain in TOI

Third and latest Update = nerfed the monsters in TOI

I dont know if you guys want players to enjoy or what? One thing is clear in this new patch = to MILK MORE $$$


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This update is complete BS and a scam, seems to me you guys want to end the server with bs like this, no one asked for this bs update. Everything sucks. How many more players do you wanna make quit? Every update you do get worse and worse. COMPLETE BS !!! @Hermes 


I know one thing that I won't spend a single dime more on NC soft until you fix this bs, this is nothing but a scam trying to rip us off. @Hermes

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I understand a company has to make money.  However, this change is going to push a lot more people away.  By automatically porting dead toons, you are requiring the additional use of Teleport scrolls.  However the cost of those scrolls is now too high. Inflation should not be hitting an artificial world.   For those of us that want to go do Raids, it becomes prohibitively expensive to port our parties there.  Consider keeping the teleport scrolls as you have them now for L2Coin, just make it the same cost as they were.  It becomes a wash and you increase Ncoin and L2 Coin purchases. Instead if it being 1 teleport scroll at 20 L2Coin, it should be 50 teleport scrolls for 20 L2Coin. 

Or even better put things back the way they were. This is supposed to be a fun escape from our real world lives.  Don't bring more stress and pressure here.

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