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s grade equipment


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una pregunta
hice con mi enano la quest lvl 76 para obtener el equipamento  S
pero recibi equipamento light & daga
se puede cambiar por heavy? como?

a question
I did with my dwarf quest lvl 76 to get the equipment S
but I received light & daga equipment
Can you change it for heavy? how?

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Unfortunately there is no way to exchange the Paulina equipment you get from the Kekropus quest series. In theory you could craft a Dynasty Heavy set plus Cudgel from recipes and key materials a Dwarf near the Giran Warehouse is selling, but as a new player this will be too expensive for you.

What you must keep in mind is that your Fortune Seeker will after Awakening at lvl 85 only be able to use Light Armor and a Dagger, i.e. you could use a Heavy set only for a few levels. And the Dynasty set you just got as a reward for your Class Change quest will be good all the way to lvl 99 (if you avoid the Blazing Swamp or the Pagan Temple and stick to the Silent Valley after lvl 97). Better get used to playing a Dagger class right away :)

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