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Augment Brooch Bug


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21 hours ago, Smight said:

Hi @Hermes@Primali

Why can't I use this stone?


from the patchnotes: https://www.lineage2.com/en-us/news/dethrone-fire

Brooch Augment Stone

- The current Brooch Augment Stones used only to Augment Level 4 Brooches will be discontinued.
- The current Dimensional Merchant path to exchange the Brooch Augment Stone (Level 4 Brooch) for a Brooch Augment Stone (Level 5+ Brooch) will be discontinued.
- The Brooch Augment Stone used to Augment Level 5+ Brooches has been expanded to work on Brooches Level 4 or higher.

Unfortunately those stones are no longer of any use... before the update you could have used it or upgraded it, maybe support could help you out but they have no obligation in most cases.

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