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Abundance talismans event

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Dear producers, Hello, 

Do you plan to launch an abundance talismans event in near future? This event has not happened for a long time, there is no talismans on the market. And some New players Will be interested to make this little improvement. 


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On 9/6/2018 at 11:28 AM, Draecke said:

that's not true, there are plenty in AH / open market and you will not be able to get them any cheaper then that thru any new event as they sell for less nowadays then it cost to make them..


Maybe he don't want pay overpriced talisman?  Maybe there is really not enough items, maybe not recepts??

Or maybe better you find him and sell him lvl4 for 20b a?

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do the math on how much it cost to make a lvl1 - lvl4 abundance talisman and then come back ;)

I actually played when all the previous abundance events where run and the current prices are much lower then the actual cost to make it yourself..

also cause many ppl already have such and/or are aware of the price differences not many players will actually bother with such event meaning only a low amount of abundance boxes will be put on the market aka no way you will see lower prices then during the previous events aka it is going to cost now even more then back then to make one.


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Ok let's say there exist cheaper abu then event giving.

But what he don't play in same server where you play? :D  Where you can't find even lvl1

I know you need to be TOP 1 in number of posts. But don't say don't need event if you don't need. Don't be selfish.

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On 7/9/2018 at 9:02 AM, Draecke said:

regardless of server you're on to make an abundance lvl1 talisman will cost ~6bil max ~7bil.. now are you really telling me you can't find cheaper on Naia ?

believe or not the talisman abundance lvl 1 cheaper in naia is in 9b. In cronos server you can find Abundance lvl 1 in 7b!!

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