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Dethrone interruption for Maintenance on Wednesday


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Last week and the week before, during DT time on Wednesday, the Server had been restarted for the weekly Maintenance.

is it possible to adjust the Maintenance time to make it start AFTER Dethrone 2 hours end?


thank you 

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there's a much easier, more elegant solution to this problem and that's by making DeThrone a dimensional timedzone of 30hrs per week like Dim ToI.. @Hermes how many more examples do you guys really need to get the message across to Korea Export team this is a sorely needed priority QoL change request

it will solve the below issues:

- oly conflict

- cursed swords conflict

- no crazy 3am end times for european players which is ~70% of your paying player base

- no dramas over server maintenances

- no dramas over lack of space on new Fire zones as people can time their DT activities around peak hours


am sure I forget more examples but these alone are huge!!

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you really need to man up, reply to us on this matter and support your community. This needs to be forwarded to NCKorea.

I do not get how on earth anyone with a clear mind could think cross server actions would ever work with such a big timezone gap.

Maybe one day - when we are dreaming - and there are 2x gmt+1 servers and 2x us timed zone servers this would make sense and be easy to do, but not like it is right now.


1000% for Draecke's post.

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