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Game crash - L2.BIN Application error 0xc000009A


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Hi guys,

After recent update, for some days now, I can't run the game anymore. Each time I try to open the game, I run the launcher and after all checks and the game should start, I get this error: L2.bin application error 0xc0000022 or 0xc000009a. Also, I get the notification from antivirus that window.dll is infected by Artemis! (but this appeared only for 2 days now). 

Strange that everything went really smooth until 1 week now and suddenly, nothing works. 

The smart guys from L2 support said that the graphic card is not ok but the game was running with almost all details at max... and now not even launching?! 


There must be something to be done in this case....hopefully...otherwise...no more L2 for me :)

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