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Change dual class to main

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Chalfont    3

This account service was here at year 2010, I used it in the past, why you removed it???


Current example: I have main iss 105, and tank 103. I can't level my main properly since it is almost impossible to find decent dailies/faction party for iss(we need only one iss and there is lot's of them and iss does not need some top gear - so people take anyone, or even take boxes). And many people need decent tanks on the other side. So I can switch to tank 105 main / iss 103 and help myself and others!

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Quenia    15


I have asked for official answer on this topic many times, but there was no answer.

I would be glad to learn NCW's opinion/plans on the certain issue, as there are certain classes that are not viable anymore.

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