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Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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we will stop the bots yeah right ,time for this  

Can you plz fix this bug with soulshots? It's very annoying

maybe someone opened an artifact box and found tutankhamun's treasure.

2 hours ago, Tool_of_Society said:



I'm sorry you're mad because you spent $$ on a weapon that is slightly devalued because of the red libre event. Don't worry the weapons will be removed and you can go back to picking on newbies wielding +4 apoc weapons..

Friend, I rarely go mad...im a calm person and for sure im not mad now. Also I quit try to sell or work the market long ago...I never sell something, i just keep everything for me.

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49 minutes ago, LordDragnil said:

Folks, stop this freaking flaming. Keep calm and give them more time. I dont want to play with the bots. Dont you?

well not really, but our runes are running and it is already 1h+ later than eta. 

Will we be compensated for this time?

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1 hour ago, LightRider said:

Are you this addicted that you can't give them a second?

From the previous weeks we know that they have had trouble implementing the new security measures so you and the rest of the community shouldn't be surprised that something may have gone wrong and they need additional time.

LOL all I did was log in after they officially announce that the servers are up and the man accuses me of being an "addict".

Here's an addict ^_^.

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18 minutes ago, PixyLicks said:

look they are ready go play X3 wont work


Those are not Chinese bots but Korean bots, from the Sangdo Quarter of the Dongjak District in Seoul:


As you can see on the right side above the explanation at the bottom, the video was provided by the Dongjak Police Office.

They give only the month (March) but not the year, but as you can see from the 9 character parties, that video must be quite old :)

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Has any ncsoft staff ever heard. "Aint broke don't fix it"

How do you guys consistently prove that you are incapable of anything. It's not even laughable anymore, I honestly feel bad for you guys. Like that kid trying to climb up the slide that just keeps falling.

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14 minutes ago, OmenOfSteel said:

That wonderful event where you buy random pixels for your $$ ?

I am talking about login appreciation.

Who makes you buy something? It's Free to PAY.

But yes, without event, they should compensate spent time via nevit or another fashion. 

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