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LF Healer for amazing XP (PVE)


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Currently playing on Chronos but as that's pretty much dead during my Euro play times these days I'm considering to return to Naia and as such I'm looking for a decent healer that has completed Savior quest line and not uses macro's for healing or goes afk etc. to do at minimum the below instances and if time to spare open field xp

  • 2x Altar (requires a pass for 2nd run)
  • Etina
  • Helios
  • AF

these instances will be done in duo / trio so amazing XP (on max boost ~12Trillion XP) and the drops (random) should cover the cost of the altar pass

my playtimes are a bit random due to RL but usually around 21:30 ~ 1am GMT+1


If you're part of MAX or friends of Peppinio & co please don't pm me, thx!

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