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Monthly Codes

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Hello, I wanted to communicate my concern. I want to refer to the benefit of the monthly codes, in this case the July code, it happens that on the day the code expires (July 31) the GMT time zone is not specified, so in my case, I do not live clearly in the GMT time of the server, said benefit ends hours before, on July 31, after my work, at 8PM I wanted to enter those codes to my secondary characters and I could not do it, they were invalid. The only thing I want to achieve with this is a bit of flexibility to the end time of said codes and hopefully it was not something so strict, since in a way, this is not specified in the forum Post and at the same time it generally starts in the middle of of the month. Thanks anyway for reading and replying.

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Not going to happen. But i feel you. 

Ive farmed for days trying to reack the 7k stone for a special craft, I was counting the last day to get the 50 remaining. At minute 1 of the last day the patch was installed and i lost all my stones. 

This could be improved, but i dont think it will as does not seem quite critical. 

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