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Which Tyrr Damnit!


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Moved on from HK Dual (Thanks NcSoft...), have not played a warrior class since... ohh, C1/C2?  Zero desire to do an SoS box and Titan crap around.  Can't be a Maestro.  Leaves me with GK, Duelist and Dreadnought (unless I went full huehuehue).  

Will be a PvE toon pretty much!  Just needs to smash and survive.  I always have PoM, etc.

Which way should I go?!  Thanks!

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Based on your criteria it's a no-brainer; GK. 

GK is arguably the best PvE Tyrr to begin with and you shouldn't even have Duelist on your list.  As much as I like DN the SEVERELY limited amount of AOE hunting grounds really nerfs the class.  

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