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P.attack boost


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that is a good question @dvpKAKdcp

I did a test about 3 weeks before the orfen update
I was "elemental" 102 and switched to "spectral"

I realized a gain of 700 - 1k more in the critical with the "spectral" (without skill burst, br, savave), normal critical in the boss of K99

many say that the elemental is the best, but honestly I do not know what to say

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7k dmg on 100k patk won't help me understand what's your problem as it depends on ur target's p.def and elem def.

Usual problems for low dmg on high patk:

1. Low element (with paagrio u need more than 550)

2. No PvE weapon (15% str8 boost)

3. No Ruby

To increase your pet's critical dmg efficiently u need Giant's Critical Damage buff.



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