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Dual Ceritifation - Light of Protection works only on Main Class


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Dual Certification - Light of Protection - Has a chance of increasing P.Def/M.Def by 40% when attacked

I have noticed this dual skill triggers often on my main (wynn), but never when I play my dual (aeore eva's saint), so I went to the arena and ran a test:

Main - Wynn constantly hit by an ISS --> the skill triggered after 14 seconds and then on average every 30 seconds

On Dual - Heal constantly hit by an ISS --> the skill never triggered, I gave up after 6 minutes of contact hitting

I've learnt this skill for my healer so my questions to NC Staff are:

1. Is the dual class skill supposed to work only on main?

2. If the answer to the 1st question is no, then when can I expect this to be fixed?

And a question to other players, have you experienced this as well? I am wondering if it is only specific to certain classes.

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You probably did check, but just in case, is Dual Certification - Light of Protection actually displayed under the Passive tab of your Skills window when you are on your Healer? I sometimes have Dual Class skills simply vanish from my Dual Class. That's not just a display bug, but the stat increase in P.Atk. etc. really doesn't apply. Logging out, logging back in, switching back and forth between Main and Dual eventually makes the Dual (and Subclass) skills reappear.

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I'm quite certain that it was displayed when I tested it, but I've just run another test... just in case.

1. I already was on Healer when logged in - the skill was displayed in passive skills. I hit it with an ISS, the skill has not triggered for a few minutes.

2. I switched back to Wynn - the skill was displayed in passive skills. I hit it with an ISS, the skill triggered after about 15 seconds

3. I switched back to Healer - the skill was displayed in passive skills. I hit it with an ISS, the skill triggered after about 3 seconds

This is the first time I have seen it activated on the dual healer. I'm confused :)

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This is pure speculation of mine, but the way you describe it, this seems like a new variety of the bug which makes Subclass/Dual Class skills disappear, possibly related to the Disappearing Abilities Bug:

The problem is, posting here, in the theoretically appropriate forum section, seems to have little effect. Like for example OmenOfSteel posted about the 10 minutes Clan Penalty Bug on June 25:
But the problem was only acknowledged by a staff member on September 14, after Draecke linked Korean patch notes:

Conguero is supposed to read each and every post on the forum, passing on relevant information to the respective teams. But since he doesn't play the game himself, he does not understand technical issues and therefore does not recognize what is relevant/needs an urgent fix. Hime doesn't play Lineage 2 either, but she seems to be better at identifying problems that impact player experience/NCsoft's revenue. If I were you, I would send her a PM, linking to this thread and asking her to pass the matter on to the Development Department in Seoul.

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Thank you, Yidao. Your posts are always very informative :) For now I have logged a ticket and I will see how it goes.

PS. I've been playing my healer for the last 2 hours and been hit by mobs multiple times, but the skill has not activated at all.

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