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Soulshots stop working at whole hours, always and not just me but all people confirm the same


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Still happening, every whole hour soulshots turn off for 1 to 2 minutes.

Additional side effects: picked up items are not displayed, your unable to craft soulshots or any other item, you can't turn in quests or accept quests since this just throws a "generic" error of the action couldn't be completed.

Time when it happens:
00:00 am/pm
01:00 am/pm
02:00 am/pm
03:00 am/pm
04:00 am/pm
05:00 am/pm
06:00 am/pm
07:00 am/pm
08:00 am/pm
09:00 am/pm
10:00 am/pm
11:00 am/pm
12:00 am/pm

The problems are predictable to the exact second but already last for many months since the introduction of Kain von halter.

Also not a problem with my computer, i asked over 20 other people of which every single one confirms the exact same problem and it seems so far no one is unaffected.

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Is there any update on this issue? It is very annoying as we need to remember to avoid difficult actions at even hours. A few days ago my party almost failed an instance, because it was a low dps group and the shots switched off at an even hour during BR at the final boss.

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This have been happening for aslong as I can remember (7 years+), and its not only at :00, its also at :30.

LOL at the people complaining "its been happening since last week.."

So xx:00, xx:30.

i.e 15:30, 18:00, 12:30, 00:00, 5:30 and so on.

It also only lasts 30-60 seconds.



Server is doing some kind of backup every 30 minutes, this causes certain server functions to lag for a minute, if im not mistaken one of the staff confirmed this on the old forums, only new players remain & thus this "old info" is forgotten. lol. 5 years ago, noone complained & everyone knew exactly what was going on.

Logically I would assume it is doing a backup of player data, as inventory/warehouse/AH is the only thing that lags.


Way I see it, I'd rather have server lagging for half a minute every 30 minutes, than losing XXX if something messed up.

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