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September monthly gift?


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 Giveaway Summary: Valid: September 6 Expires: September 30 at 23:59 UTC One redemption per account ⌛️ No expiration date for items received from the coupon except for the +6 Fallen Angel's Ring Pack which will be removed during the maintenance on Tuesday, October 3.

next time check discord

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6 hours ago, Cokevarius said:

next time check discord

yeah, nah... there was 0 communication that the place of te announcements would change. Code has been posted here since it started and for many months. Why would sudenly some1 check the discord? a place that as far as ppl say, post are ignored and deleted same as here

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Have they reached the point of not even advertising here on the forum anymore?

Aden Gift Code: In-game L2 Coin Shop

Codes are valid until end of the month.

5 hours ago, Helv said:

Is there any way to view discord without creating an account? 

Unfortunately not.

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