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Coming back after 9 years

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Hello, I've decided to start playing Lineage again after 9 years. During my previous time playing, I spent about a year in the game, and the highest level I achieved was 93 with a Twilight set.

Now, as I return to the game, I'm completely lost. Back then, you reached level 85 and did Kartia, Teredor, and some other dungeons, if I recall correctly, to level up and make some money.
My level 93 character was unfortunately deleted a while ago, I think it happened during a merge. However, I remembered that I had a new one at level 87 at that time, but I made the mistake of not having a mentor, so I have the Dynasty set. Now I'm level 95 (farming in altar of evil), but I'm not sure if it makes much sense to continue leveling up because it seems like I won't receive equipment as quest rewards anywhere.

Now, I understand that you automatically reach level 99 by completing some quests and farming, and the real game starts from level 99 or so I believe. However, I don't know how to obtain equipment, where to get adenas, or which instances to do. Could someone shed some light on this for me?

Thank you very much.

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1.- Create new toon

2.- Do the basic main quests (you will receive free gear for completing quests and will be 105 in less than a week)

3.- Basic daily instance Castilla can be done in SOLO mode at Aden NPC Karina

4.- Later at 105 you can add daily party instance Imperial Tomb through Instance Zone icon on right side of screen

5.- Continue killing thousands of mobs to complete Exalted quests to get Exalted gear

6.- Daily instances 105 are for party ppl of lvl 110+ with good gear

7.- No drops at all other than basic 5 new materials

8.- Every toon can craft almost everything, even shots, forget about crafting dwarf or scavenger spoiling dwarf

9.- You soon realize this game is not Free to Play anymore, once you reach 105 be prepared to spend real money or cry in the shadows

10.- Macro system will make you play as follows... Login, do Daylies, go lvling AFK with macro, almost no human interaction now

11.- Everything is expensive and overpriced

12.- If you have reached this point and still want to play then you are a looney that needs professional help XD

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best advice i would give to myself if i were in your place,

You made a bad decision. This is not even close to the game you remember, go play something else. With the euros/dolars this game will demand of you in order to play you can buy a ps5 a literaly hundreds of games, a super gaming pc with hundreds if not tousands of games, can probably take a trip around the world and it will be cheaper. If you are hellbent on playing l2 for some bizarre reason your 1st choice should be an "unofficial" low rate server if you want to socialize or high rate if you want to pvp.

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