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Where are belts/shirts R grade


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Hi.. Where are belts/shirts R grade...in CoC years ago (mysterious butler) 

Where can i buy belts/shirts R grade? THANKS


Hola..donde estan los belts/shirts R grade que estaban en CoC en el "mysterious butler" hace años....

donde puedo comprar belts/shirts R grade? GRACIAS

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no more R belts. Only r99, u can buy lower grades if u have some lvl in your main/dual class at talking island raina npc, or u can do the rift 30days at lvl 95 u can get the commando belt, and the quests of adventure guild faction at aden give you one shirt.

Or buy ekimus/monkey/etc they are R grade and istina/octavis shirt they are R grade too but they cost u some billons the belt and some millons the shirts

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